NEWSLETTER | July 2014

July is here! I can’t even believe we are half way through 2014. Oh, how the time flies! This month there are a few updates, but overall this is going to be a short newsletter for the studio.

1. Fall schedules will all be set the last week of July for August through December. Even though August is still summer, school goes back in session as soon as the first week of the month for a good chunk of the studio, so it’s best to get everyone’s days and times settled ahead of time. This will be discussed in each lesson, but make sure to think about days and time slots over the next week or so.

2. The 2014-2015 Studio Policies have been updated on the website, so please take the time to view them. As a member of this studio, each of us have rules we need to follow in order to ensure the best musical and educational experience for your student.

3. I will be switching to a digital form of communication for practice assignments, billing, and lesson information with MyMusicStaff. Parents and students will get an individual log-in. Parents will see everything, students will only see what is pertinent to them. Every week you will be updated on your child’s lesson and be able to see their assignment. This way everyone can be on the same page with your child’s progress. (This will be great for those of you who are unable to be at your child’s lesson!)

4. The website should be ready by the 20th of the month! (Let’s cross our fingers.) I’m still looking for a professional web designer, so if you know of anyone, please send them my way.

Well, that is all folks! Like I said, this month was a super short newsletter. I hope everyone is enjoying this absolutely beautiful Georgian weather. (I know I am!) And I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!